Instagram: ansu_ellen

An Su is a visual artist mainly working with photography, film and text. She was born in a small town surrounded by mountains in southwest China. The transcendental perception of nature with mysterious imagination is constantly dissolved in her works. She is currently studying in MA photography at the Royal College of Art. Before that, she studied journalism and literature respectively in Nanjing and Taiwan, which influenced her involvement between visual art and poetics.Her work has always been drawn to poems that contain, within meditative movements, a hint of narrative and a textured visual myth. She explores in the research of nature, feminism, postmemory and disease, using specific emotions and events to start collective narration and historical reflection.

Instead of aggrandizing the sensation of art, she is trying to subdue and transform it. Her language of restraint belies a passionate ambition for surpassing the self through the self, which can mirror the uncertain and destabilizing experiences of the sensuous, physical world, and connections are made through metaphor and simile, but following those connections carefully leads to the compulsion to both convey experience and transcend it, holding simultaneously what has fallen and will fall.

Her work has been published on Chip Foto-Video Digital, and exhibition in A Fragile of China (London.2021), Kwangju Art Biennial(Korea.2020), Photo London 2021, Chongqing Biennial of Young Artists(China. 2021). In 2022, she self-published her photography books “Seven Mountains, Four Rivers, Three Lakes. Suns and Moons” and “I haven’t seen the ocean before my 19”.