From Elegy To Seeds is a composition photography project of gender, space, nature and myth with literary metaphor and manipulation of self-restraint. The divergent ambivalence; metaphor of unconscious; fear and suppression of trauma echoes the inner identity vitality, triggering meditation on spirituality, trace and time. The fragmentary female body, the transcendental experience, inspires a gentle contradiction, representing a container that can swallow and absorb the consciousness of a moment. The emotions and surface tensions that govern images subjective experience, are fragments of an ultimate, unknowable tensionnot knowing what waited on the other side, trying to arrive at a widened sense of poetic to swing out over the vastness of possibility.I will continue the project to arouse the reflection on the power of female and the awe of time and nature, tell the unexpected, the rupture in the fabric of existence, grow to something of great constancy of spirituality and poetics.